Vies Jamaican Rum Cakes. Carribbean Jamaican rum fruit cake. Rummy and gluten free

Vie's Jamaican Rum Cake - 35% Rum - Gluten Free - 600g - Doux

Vie's Jamaican Rum Cakes
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Vie's Jamaican Rum Cake is brimming full of juicy fruits and imbued with a 35% Spiced Gold Rum. This moist, bold cake melts in your mouth and leaves you wanting more.

Serving suggestions: Delicious with generous scoops of rum and raisin ice-cream, custard and cheese.

  • Doux means ‘mild’ in French.
  • Vie's 600g fruit cakes come whole and can be cut into 6 large slices or 12 smaller pieces.
  • They are made with local, free-range eggs and flour and are packaged using biodegradable, compostable, cellulose (cellophane) food grade bags, raffia and card.
  • Shelf life: 6 months from production (see base of cake for best before date).
  • Allergens: Egg, Buttermilk, Sulphur Dioxide